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Keath Low

ADD / ADHD January 2008 Archive


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Ready, Set...Go!

Thursday January 31, 2008
Why is it often so hard to get things started? Tasks that need to get done can seem so overwhelming -- the pile of laundry, the dusting and mopping, ... Read More

Q&A: ADHD, Adderall and Sleep

Monday January 28, 2008
Q. I have two boys, one ADD and the other ADHD. The one with ADHD is a junior in high school and has been dealing with ADHD since he was ... Read More

What's It Like to Have ADHD?

Friday January 25, 2008
Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about ADHD. As a result, children with ADHD are often labeled as unmotivated, lazy or problem children. What if those without ADHD could experience what ... Read More

Help for Parents of Children Diagnosed with ADHD

Wednesday January 23, 2008
If your child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, you may still be sorting out the meaning of the diagnosis, as well as trying to understand all the treatment options. ... Read More

ADHD and Me: What I Learned from Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table

Sunday January 20, 2008
A new book, ADHD and Me: What I Learned from Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table by University of California Berkeley freshman student, Blake E. Taylor, is coming out ... Read More

From One Father/Husband to Others

Friday January 18, 2008
A Personal Experience with ADHD: A father of two, Ted Scherer was diagnosed with ADHD at age 48 after his wife encouraged him to see a doctor. Though he had ... Read More

A Very Personal Message from One of Our Readers: Get Regular Check-Ups

Thursday January 17, 2008
One of our readers, Elna Hughes, wrote in after reading the Taking Care of Ourselves article. “Taking care of yourself is something that is difficult even when an ADDult ... Read More

Profiles in ADHD: Artist Sculptor Robert Toth

Saturday January 12, 2008
“I failed math; Einstein passed it. But he couldn’t paint and sculpt like me. So we all have these specialties, these strengths.” –Robert Toth Robert Toth repeated fourth grade three ... Read More

Taking Care of Ourselves

Saturday January 12, 2008
Taking care of ourselves: This sounds so basic, so simple, but many of us neglect this important notion. Our days are busy. Responsibilities are pulling us in so many different ... Read More

What's the Difference Between ADD and ADHD in Children?

Saturday January 12, 2008
Sometimes it is confusing to sort through the different types of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We often hear the terms ADD and ADHD used interchangeably. What is the difference between ... Read More

ADHD and Driving: Is Your Teen at Greater Risk?

Tuesday January 8, 2008
All parents worry when their teen reaches driving age…and for good reason. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 16 to 20 year olds. The problem is ... Read More

Good News!

Monday January 7, 2008
Just wanted to share some good news from one of our readers. Lisa posted in our forums wonderful news about her daughter: “My high school senior daughter failed everything the spring ... Read More

Resolutions 2008

Saturday January 5, 2008
Thank you to all the readers who shared their New Year’s resolutions. Your responses were so thoughtful and enthusiastic. I know you will inspire others! “I’d like to focus on ... Read More

Strategies for Sticking with Those Resolutions

Tuesday January 1, 2008
The New Year is here and you may have made a resolution or two. Do you ever find that some of your resolutions are similar to ones you made last ... Read More

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