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Keath Low

ADD / ADHD October 2008 Archive


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Tips to Ensure a Safe Halloween

Monday October 27, 2008
If your kids are like mine they are counting down the days until Halloween. They may have their costumes all picked out and are searching for the largest trick-or-treat bag ... Read More

Take the Readersí Poll

Sunday October 19, 2008

Understanding ADHD

Sunday October 19, 2008
Why does my nephew behave so inappropriately? He pushes people away with his acting out. He gets up in other peopleís space, hits when he doesnít like what someone says, ... Read More

International Conference on ADHD: Starts Nov. 12

Monday October 13, 2008
CHADD, the nationís largest organization serving people affected by AD/HD, will hold its twentieth Annual International Conference November 12-15 in Anaheim, California. The conference offers camaraderie, education, and the chance ... Read More

Iíd Love Your Input for an Upcoming "Tips" Article

Monday October 6, 2008
Article Topic: Succeeding at Work Sometimes the work environment can present challenges for an individual with ADD or ADHD. I want to pull together an article with practical tips readers can ... Read More

The Three Cís of Parenting

Monday October 6, 2008
Behavior therapy is very effective in helping to manage symptoms of ADHD in children. A reward system is implemented with input from the child and new behaviors are taught to ... Read More

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