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Adult ADD and Risky Behaviors
Why do adults with ADD sometimes engage in risky behaviors? Read on to learn more about adult ADD and risky behaviors.

Women and ADD - Strategies for Women with ADD
Read about helpful strategies for women and adult ADD ADHD. Practical tips for women with ADD ADHD.

Criticism and Adult ADD
Emotional reactions can be difficult for an adult with ADD to control, especially when it relates to criticism. What are some tips for coping with the emotional reactions that occur when one encounters criticism?

Moms with ADD
What's it like for moms with ADD. Read about some of the challenges for moms with ADD.

Strategies for Improving Intimate Relationships
Do you have ADD or ADHD? Does your partner? ADHD can certainly present unique challenges in a relationship. Kate Kelly, ADHD expert and author, provides tips for both the ADHD individual and the non-ADHD partner.

Job Rights and Accommodations
What kinds of protections do ADD or ADHD workers have? How can an ADHD employee request a job accommodation? What can be done when accommodations are not provided? Dr. Suzanne Gosden Kitchen provides some answers.

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