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Looking for information about ADD/ADHD organizations and support groups, books, magazines, newsletters, and websites? You are in the right place.
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Review of the ADD Crusher™ Instructional Video Series 1- 5
The ADD Crusher™ instructional video series offers an innovative, dynamic approach for adults struggling with ADHD.

Tell Us About Your Adult ADD / ADHD Blog
Do you write a blog or a website about your experience living with adult ADD / ADHD? Tell us why you started the blog, how you've done it, what you've learned, and how the process has been helpful.

Project Eye-To-Eye - Support for Children with Learning Differences
Learn about national mentoring and advocacy program, Project Eye-To-Eye.

ADHD Scholarships
ADHD Scholarships. Learn more about available college ADHD Scholarships

CHADD Educator’s Manual
The CHADD Educator’s Manual is a valuable ADHD resource for teachers. Learn more about the CHADD Educator’s Manual.

Books About ADHD - Recommendeded Books About ADHD
About.com readers recommend books for learning more about and coping with ADHD.

Helpful eBook Resource for Parents and Teachers of Children With ADHD
ADHD Help for Parents and Teachers of Children With ADHD

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