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Tips for Parents With Adult ADD


Updated June 19, 2009

Tips for Parents With Adult ADD

Being a parent can sometimes be a demanding role, especially if you are a parent with ADD.

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Tips for ADD Parents
There are some simple strategies parents with ADD can implement at home to make life more organized and enjoyable. Start by developing a positive self concept. If you focus on what you can’t do, your children will adopt this same attitude –- especially if they struggle with the same ADHD traits that are causing you frustration. Click on the link below to read about specific strategies to help you organize yourself and the family.
Practical Strategies for Parents with ADD

Moms with ADD
Moms are often the family manager, caregiver, disciplinarian, nutritionist, cook, homework helper, scheduler, taxi driver, mediator, nurse, and housekeeper. We fill so many different roles and these are just a few. We strive to be “supermom” and inevitably fail to measure up. If these are common feelings that all mothers experience, imagine how a mom with ADHD feels! How on earth can she take on all these roles for her family, when she struggles daily with organizing and prioritizing her own life? To read more click on the link below.
What's It Like for Moms with ADD?

Parenting with ADD
Being a parent is tough; being a parent with ADD raises the toughness factor! It can be overwhelming to manage and organize the family when you are having a hard time organizing your own life. If your child has ADD, your need to create structure and organizational strategies increases two-fold. Click on the link below to read more about parenting with ADD.
Parenting With ADD

The Importance of Self-Care
Parents spend so much time putting their children first that their own self care can easily get neglected. Parenting a child with ADHD can be isolating, overwhelming, and exhausting! You may question whether there are things you should be doing differently. It may even cause strain within the family and in your relationship with your partner. These feelings are human feelings and they are a normal part of being a parent. Click on the link below to learn about several strategies that may help relieve some of these stressful feelings.
Parenting and Self-Care

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