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Strategies for School Success

Tips for Teaching ADD/ADHD Children


Children with ADHD are often viewed as difficult. Their fidgeting, squirming, and loud behaviors can be very disruptive to the classroom setting. Children with ADHD often seem oppositional when they are not following directions due to their inattention. Their distractibility, blurting out, interruptions, and getting up and down out of their seats may create frustration for the teacher and classmates. Fortunately, there are strategies teachers can use to help. Below are some tips for teachers.

Have Clear and Consistent Classroom Rules.

Enforce Clear and Consistent Consequences for Behaviors.

Set Up a Reward System.

Seat the Student Near the Teacher.

Try to Limit Distractions in the Classroom.

Get Rid of Clutter.

Have Student Keep Desk Area Cleared Except for the Work He is Doing at the Time.

Work on the Most Difficult Subjects During the Early Part of the Day.

Give Clear One Step Directions. Have Student Repeat Directions Back.

Give Student Extra Time to Complete Work.

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