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Famous People with ADD - Meet David Neeleman

Founder, JetBlue Airways


Updated February 11, 2009

Who are some of the famous people with ADD? Meet David Neeleman

Thinking out of the box and being willing to take a risk; these qualities helped David Neeleman create JetBlue Airways and redefine the flying experience. He is responsible for introducing live in-flight television and top quality customer service, both on a discount airline.

“I knew I had strengths that other people didn’t have, and my parents reminded me of them when my teachers didn’t see them,” says Neeleman. “I can distill complicated facts and come up with simple solutions. I can look out on an industry with all kinds of problems and say, ‘How can I do this better?’ My ADD brain naturally searches for better ways of doing things.”

Neeleman acknowledges having difficulties with the more mundane tasks of the day. Staying focused is difficult. To help with this he surrounds himself with people that are good with the details of the business. They also help to organize his day and keep him on track.

Gilman, Lois. Adult ADD in the Corner Office. ADDitude. New York.

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