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Understanding Those Who Don't Have ADHD


Updated June 22, 2009

Question: Understanding Those Who Don't Have ADHD
“I have ADHD, so I understand what it feels like to have it. What I want to understand better are people who do not have ADHD. What are some strategies?" -- About.com User

Communication is the most effective strategy. Talking to one another about how you each may view things a little differently and how you may respond to things differently can be a big help and bring a lot of clarity.

Many people with ADHD are very spontaneous and enjoy doing things in the spur of the moment, and that may not be as comfortable for another individual who may like to plan. A person with ADHD may like to look at the whole picture, but a friend without ADHD may tend to focus on the details. Many people with ADHD enjoy finding creative solutions, but the non-ADHD individual may tend to think through things more slowly in step-by-step, linear manner.

This is all somewhat of a generalization. Everyone is different, and it is important for us to appreciate and value these differences. It is what makes life more interesting! It would be boring if we all approached things in the same way.

When we communicate and talk with each other, we are more understanding and accepting of different ways of doing things and we can work together rather than against whatever our individual differences may be. Ultimately, everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued for the person that they are.

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