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New Years Resolutions and Goals

How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions and Goals


Updated December 23, 2009

The New Year is here and you may have made a resolution or two. Do you ever find that some of your resolutions are similar to ones you made last year? We may start the new year with lots of good intentions, but as the year moves forward, our work toward our goals may lose steam with all the other obligations buzzing around us. Here are a few very simple strategies to help you stick it out and reach those goals.

Set Realistic Goals

Set goals that are reachable and realistic. If your goal isn’t one that is attainable, you are sure to become frustrated. Pick goals that you really want to reach and are motivated to achieve. It often helps to break larger goals down into smaller, more manageable mini-goals.

Write Down Your Goals

Writing things down on paper helps focus your energy on the target. You may also want record your progress on paper or in a journal.

Establish a Plan

Come up with a master plan. Write down an outline of the steps you will take to accomplish your goals.

Visualize Success

Visualize each step along the way as you move closer and closer towards your goal. Think positively. Visualize your success in reaching your goal and all the good feelings that come along with it.

Buddy Up With A Friend Or Family Member

Working together with another person provides that extra motivation, support, and focus.

Review Progress

Set up a regular time to review progress towards your goals. Write down various dates in your calendar to check in on progress. It may be weekly or monthly or quarterly, etc. If you find that you are not making the progress you desire, step back and sort out what obstacles are preventing you from accomplishing steps toward your goals.

Reward Small Steps Toward Your Goals

Don’t try to accomplish it all in a few weeks or months. You have all year. Each step you take toward your goal is a success. Be kind to yourself and reward your effort and hard work.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Your resolutions are goals you will work on throughout the year. Small steps backwards are not failures. They are simply bumps in the road. They are expected and are okay. Just refocus yourself on getting back on track.
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