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ADHD and School Issues

ADHD symptoms can certainly affect a child's learning. Read more about school issues and ways to help your ADHD child reach his or her full academic potential.

The Importance of Recess for Children With ADHD
An ADD.About.com parent asks for alternatives to losing recess when a child has behavior problems in the classroom.

Loss of Recess - Using Loss of Recess Time as a Punishment
What are your thoughts about using loss of recess time as a punishment for misbehavior?

Exam Study Tips
Finding the best way to study, understand and absorb information is an individualized process, particularly if you have ADHD, but here are some general tips that may help you in preparing for your next exam.

How to Use a Daily Report Card
Learn steps for using a daily report card system for improving school behavior, particularly for students with ADHD.

Teachers and ADHD
Teachers are so important in our children’s lives. Their jobs are demanding. Along with parents, teachers are incredibly influential and play a pivotal role in a child’s learning, happiness, and development of a positive self-image.

Why Is There Sometimes Resistance from Teachers in Regards to ADHD?
Sometimes teachers may have an understanding about the obvious behaviors associated with ADHD – the hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention – but may not be aware of the additional challenges that ADHD brings.

Friendly Class and Home Settings to Support Children With ADHD
Use this listing of friendly class and home settings to help support children with ADHD.

ADHD and Homework Tips
Homework is often a challenging time for kids with ADHD. Read tips for helping your child improve focus during homework time.

ADHD and Homework: How Can I Help My Son Improve Focus?
Maintaining focus on homework can be a struggle for kids with ADHD. Read more about ADHD and homework tips to improve focus.

What Happens in the First IEP Meeting?
What happens in the first IEP meeting? Knowing what is involved in your child's first IEP meeting helps parents feel more prepared and less anxious.

College Students With ADHD
If you are a college student with ADHD these tips provided by Sarah Wright and the Edge Foundation are for you.

Should I Tell the Teacher About My Child's ADHD?
Open communication and positive collaboration with your child's teacher can make a big difference in your child's school success.

School Tips
Make School a Success for a Child with ADHD

Homework Help
Homework Strategies for Students With ADHD

More Homework Tips
"How can I get my son to focus on his homework?"

Back-to-School Tips
It seems that back-to-school time always sneaks up. Before you know it, the summer is over and school is starting again. Helping your child ease from the lazy days of summer to the structured days of fall is important, especially if your child has ADHD.

Reframing ADHD
Reframe learning differences in a way that can be celebrated as diverse and adding value, rather than as impaired and damaged.

What Are Executive Functions?
What are executive functions and how do they affect a student's learning?

ADHD Teaching Strategies
Executive function deficits can create challenges for students with ADHD. Luckily, there are creative interventions teachers can use to help improve a student’s success in the classroom.

Hyper-Activity Improves Learning
Hyperactivity and movement improves learning in ADHD children, by helping the children stay alert and focused.

Improving Peer Relationships
Peer relationships can be a real challenge for children with ADHD. Read about ways to help your child develop and maintain friendships.

Dads: You’re Needed at School, Too
The Benefits of a Father's Involvement - Tips for Volunteering

Understanding Hyperfocus
What is hyperfocus?

Special Education Services
It is important for parents to be aware and knowledgeable about the types of support, accommodations and special services that may be available to help their ADHD child succeed in school.

Special Education Services
As a parent of a child with ADHD one of your roles will include being an advocate for your child. Becoming well informed about your child’s educational rights is important, as you may need to advocate for special services and support for your child in school. Matthew Cohen, an attorney with the Chicago law firm of Monahan and Cohen, has been representing children and families in special educati…

ADHD and Special Education Services
How does a parent get special education services in place for their child? Read on to learn the steps for getting special education in place for your ADHD child.

Special Education Advocacy
Are there advocacy programs available to help parents navigate the special education system?

Obtaining Special Education Services
Obtaining special education services. What can a parent do if the school decides not to follow through with an evaluation after the parent has made the referral?

Special Education Assessment
Who provides and pays for the assessment and evaluation to determine eligibility for special education?

What Does the Special Education Evaluation Involve?
What does the evaluation for special education services involve?

Steps To Getting Special Education In Place
If the outcome of the evaluation indicates that a child qualifies for special education services, what happens next?

Special Education and Parent Rights
If the parent disagrees with the outcome of the school evaluation what can the parent do?

Mentoring Program for ADHD Kids
Project Eye-To-Eye is a national mentoring and advocacy program for students with learning differences and/or ADHD.

CHADD Educator’s Manual
A Valuable Resource for Teachers.

ADHD and Back to School - Preparing for Back to School When Your Child Has ADHD
Preparing for Back to School When Your Child Has ADHD

ADHD and College Study - ADHD and College Study Strategies
ADHD can make studying for college classes quite a challenge. You may find that you are putting a lot of time and preparation into studying with little to show for all your effort. Finding individualized strategies that work for you is helpful.

How Do I Help a Child Who Has ADHD and Slow Processing Speed?
Learn tips for helping students with ADHD and slow processing speed.

Writing Problems Common for Students With ADHD
Learn about writing problems common for students with ADHD.

Strategies to Improve Writing Skills in Students With ADHD
Learn simple strategies to improve writing skills for students with ADHD.

Scholarship Opportunities for Students With ADHD Grow
Scholarship Opportunities for Students With ADHD

ADHD and Peer Relationships
Learn about the ways ADHD symptoms can affect peer relationships and social behaviors in children with ADHD.

Helping Students With ADHD - Section 504 Accommodations
School accommodations that are helpful for students with ADHD. Learn more about a Section 504 Accommodation Plan.

The Best Summer Camp for Your Child With ADHD
Advice for choosing the best summer camp for your child with ADHD.

Helpful Math Accommodations for Students With ADHD
Learn about helpful math accommodations and strategies for students with ADHD.

ADHD and Math Skills
Learn about ways attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) impairments can affect math skills.

Helping Students With ADHD in School
ADHD symptoms can make school difficult for students with ADHD. Learn how to develop a positive partnership with your child's teacher at school.

Helping Students With ADHD Get Organized
Here are some tips for helping students with ADHD develop good organizational habits.

Improving Reading Comprehension in Students With ADHD
Learn strategies to help students with ADHD improve reading comprehension and recall.

ADHD and Reading Comprehension
Learn about reading challenges common for students with ADHD and strategies to help.

The College Planning and Application Process for Students With ADHD
Learn tips for students with ADHD to help in the college planning and application process.

Should You Disclose Your ADHD in Your College Applications?
Should a student disclose his or her ADHD when applying to colleges?

Recess – An Important Part of the School Day for All Students
Recess is an important part of the school day for all students, especially for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

College Choices for Students with ADHD
Learn About Colleges Designed Specifically for Students With ADHD.

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