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Possible Symptoms of ADD / ADHD

SymptomsThat Might Warrant Further Evaluation of ADD / ADHD


Updated August 08, 2008

What are some of the signs and symptoms of ADD / ADHD? Restlessness, difficulty sitting still or waiting turns, fidgeting with hands or feet, blurting out or excessive talking, impulsive “knee jerk” reactions, constant movement, difficulty playing quietly, and seeming to be perpetually “on the go" - these are typical signs of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors and may warrant further evaluation. Signs of inattention include poor concentration, difficulty paying attention and following directions, losing or forgetting things, disorganization, and difficulty completing tasks.

If you or your child is experiencing frequent problems due to these behaviors, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are these problems occurring in more than one setting, such as at home and at school/work?
  • Are these behaviors more extreme than what would be expected of others this age?
  • Have the difficulties continued for more than six months?

If you are answering yes to the above questions, your child (or you) may have ADHD. Set up an appointment for an evaluation.

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