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Treatment of ADD/ADHD

Learn more about treatment approaches for dealing with ADD/ADHD. Everything you want to know about medications, behavior modifications, counseling, and ADHD education can be found here.

Help for Parents Who Have ADHD
Identifying and treating parents with ADHD. The importance of identifying and treating family members with ADHD.

Treatment for Women With ADHD
Treatment for women with ADHD is often made more complex by the normal hormonal changes women experience. It is important for you and your doctor to understand the effects these hormonal fluctuations can have on your ADHD symptoms.

Starting ADHD Medicine - How to Talk About Starting ADHD Medicine
Parents share advice about how to talk to your child about starting ADHD medicine.

How Do I Talk About ADHD Medication With My Child?
Learn tips for talking about ADHD medication with your child.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in this interview with Dr. J. Russell Ramsay.

ADHD Medication - ADHD Medication Treatment
Readers share their decision making process around ADHD medication.

ADHD Medicine - Effects of ADHD Medicine
Readers share personal experiences of how medicine has improved ADHD symptoms.

How Do Stimulants for ADHD Work?
Stimulants are the most common type of medicine used to treat ADHD. The stimulants seem to work by increasing the availability of certain chemicals in the brain, thus making the pathways in the brain work more effectively. Learn more about how stimulants work.

How to Work With Doctors to Help a Child With Oppositional Behavior
In order to accurately diagnose and effectively treat children with ADHD, open communication between the doctor and the child’s parent(s) is helpful. Unfortunately this doesn’t always occur.

Advice About ADHD Medications
Advice about medication for ADHD - 21 Rules You Need to Know

Starting ADHD Medication - What is Titration?
Starting ADHD Medication - What is Titration?

Starting ADHD Medication
What are some of the tips parents should know before starting ADHD medication? What to ask the doctor before starting ADHD medication?

ADHD Medication
Nonstimulant ADHD Medication. Learn more about nonstimulant medication used to treat ADHD.

Learn more about stimulants used in the treatment of ADHD.

Adderall - Learn more about Adderall for the treatment of ADHD.

Partners in Life, Partners in ADHD Education and Treatment
ADHD education and treatment is essential within a partnership or marriage when one of the individuals has ADD or ADHD.

Resources for Finding ADD Treatment Providers
Where does one start in finding ADD/ADHD treatment? How does one locate treatment providers? Read on to learn about two helpful resources.

Adult ADD and Treatment - Mutual Life Coaching
There are many options for treatment of adult ADD. Read on to learn about how mutual life coaching can help in the treatment of adult ADD.

St. John’s Wort: Not Effective for the Treatment of ADHD
One alternative therapy used in the treatment of ADHD is St. John's wort. A recent study finds that St. John's wort is no more effective in treating ADHD than a placebo.

Does Summer Vacation Equal Medication Vacation for ADHD Kids?
Do children with ADHD need to continue ADHD medication over the summer? What factors should parents consider related to ADHD medications and summer time?

ADHD and Stimulant Medications
Stimulant medications are the most widely used ADHD drugs. Are stimulants safe for the treatment of ADHD? What are the side effects?

To Medicate or Not: What's The Decision Making Process?
Medication is an important option in the treatment of ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder. How does a person make the decision about whether medication is appropriate for them or for their child?

ECG Monitoring for ADHD Children
Issues regarding ADHD and medications and heart monitoring - The American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Heart Association clarify recommendations on the use of an electrocardiogram in assessing children with ADHD who may need treatment with medications.

Can Fish Oil Help Improve ADD Symptoms?
Adding fish oil to your treatment approach may improve concentration, attention and focus in individuals with ADHD. Read on to learn more about fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids.

AHA Recommends Children Receive Heart Screening Before Taking ADHD Medicines
It is recommended that children with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder receive heart screenings, electrocardiograms, before treatment with stimulant drugs such as ritalin due to possible side effects.

Take Control of Your ADHD
ADHD coaching can play a powerful complementary role in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. ADHD coaching teaches individuals to take control and make positive changes in their life. Nancy Ratey provides more information about self coaching.

ADHD Coaching For The High School and College Student
ADHD coaching can make a difference in the success of high school and college students with ADD or ADHD.

The Importance of Treating the Whole Child
When treating children, especially those with ADHD, it is important to consider stressors that may be increasing problematic behaviors. By simply treating symptoms, we may neglect to look deeper into the underlying causes of the behaviors.

Fathers and ADHD Treatment
Fathers can be an important part of the treatment process for children with ADHD. Read on to learn more about COACHES, a parenting program geared to dads.

ADHD and Exercise
Exercise can be helpful for improving ADHD symptoms. How does exercise affect ADHD and the brain? John J. Ratey, MD, provides some answers.

Optimal Treatment of ADHD
The best outcome for individuals with ADHD includes a combined treatment of therapies and once-a-day medication. Read on to learn more.

Tips for Reducing Common Side Effects of Your Child’s ADHD Medicine
Common side effects of ADHD stimulant medicine include stomachaches, headaches, decrease in appetite, and difficulty with sleep. Luckily, there are some simple strategies parents can try to help alleviate these side effects.

Help for Parents of Children Diagnosed with ADHD:
Parents of children with ADHD share a vital role in their child’s treatment process. Where does a parent turn for ADHD treatment guidance and education? Your child’s doctor is obviously an important source of information. Another wonderful resource is "The Responsible Rx Parent Starter Kit."

Treatment of ADD/ADHD
There is no cure of ADHD, however, there are many treatment approaches that may alleviate or significantly decrease ADHD symptoms. As a result, improvements are evident in school/work performance, relationships with others improve, and self esteem increases.

Finding a Treatment Provider
There are so many options out there that it may sometimes seem confusing. How does one decide between all the different health care providers – pediatricians, family physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and counselors? Once you’ve narrowed down your search, how do you choose the right person?

Medications can be helpful in reducing impulsiveness and hyperactivity, and increasing focus and attention in individuals with ADD/ADHD.

Behavioral Modifications and Interventions
ADHD, while not caused by environmental factors, can certainly be influenced by them. A chaotic, unstructured, unorganized setting can exacerbate symptoms. On the flip side, a setting that is structured, predictable, and motivating can greatly help. Read on to learn more about behavioral modifications and interventions.

How Do I Know If My Child's Treatment Is Working?
Dr. David Rabiner of Duke University has developed a simple system that parents can use to monitor the effectiveness of ADHD treatments.

Counseling/psychotherapy provides an individual with ADHD a place to process feelings and develop strategies for dealing with the effects of ADHD.

Treatment for Women with ADHD
Treatment for women with ADHD may include a multitude of approaches. Read on to learn more.

ADHD Parents Medication Guide
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the American Psychiatric Association have teamed up to create new guidelines to help parents better understand treatment approaches for ADHD.

Are Generic Brands of Stimulants Available for ADHD Treatment?
Are the less expensive, generic brands of stimulants equally effective as brand names in treating ADHD?

My Son Seems to Really Crash As His Medicine Is Wearing Off. Why Is This?
ADHD Medicine and Rebound Effects

The Benefits of ADHD Coaching
Study Finds that Coaching Improves Executive Functioning for College Students with ADHD

What is ADHD Coaching?
Learn more about ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching - Benefits of ADHD Coaching
About.com readers share about their experiences working with an ADHD Coach.

Have You Experienced Stimulant Medication Shortages In Your Area?
Shortage of Stimulant Medications Such as Adderall

Mindful Awareness and ADHD
Mindful Awareness and ADHD - Interview with Dr. Lidia Zylowska

The Feingold Diet for ADHD?

Coffee for ADHD?

Diversion of ADHD Medication on College Campuses
Educate your teen about the dangers of stimulant misuse on college campuses. Learn strategies to help your college bound teen appropriately manage ADHD medication.

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