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ADD/ADHD: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Don't Miss These Symptoms of ADHD
Read on to learn more about the signs and symptoms of ADD and ADHD.
Your Guide to the Basics of ADD and ADHD
Learn more about ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
What You Should Know About Adult ADHD Tests
What is involved in testing for adult ADD / ADHD? Read more about evaluating for ADD in adults.
Look for These Early Symptoms of ADHD in Young...
ADHD in Young Children: Understanding Early Symptoms of ADHD
Could You Have Adult ADD?
Read on to learn more about evaluating behaviors and possible symptoms of adult ADD.
7 Reasons Why It's Tough to Keep Friends When...
Maintaining friendships can be a struggle for those with ADD or ADHD, but positive relationships are important in our lives.
Resources for Helping Your Student With ADHD
School accommodations that are helpful for students with ADHD. Learn more about a Section 504 Accommodation Plan.
Can Diet Improve ADHD Symptoms?
Can a child’s diet affect his or her ADHD symptoms? Read more.
How Do I Know If My Child's ADD Treatment Is...
What are some ways to assess treatment and school progress in children with ADD ADHD? Dr. David Rabiner of Duke University has developed a simple system that parents can use to monitor the effectiveness of ADD ADHD treatment.
Will My Child Inherit ADHD?
If you are a parent diagnosed with ADHD a big concern is ‘Will my children have ADHD too?’ Here are 3 suggestions to help in this stressful time
Don't Miss These ADD Symptoms in Women
Learn about ADD symptoms in women. Many women with ADD or attention deficit disorder remain undiagnosed until adulthood. Some women with ADD are overlooked altogether and never diagnosed.
Symptoms of Adult ADD
Lenard Adler, MD, answers some questions about symptoms of adult ADD / ADHD and the importance of accurate diagnosis and treatment.
6 Places to Find Help for Adult ADHD
Learn more about finding a doctor experienced in adult ADHD.
What does titration of medication mean?
Titration is the process of gradually adjusting the dose of a medication until optimal results are reached.
What Are the Different Types of ADD and ADHD?
What's the difference between ADD and ADHD? What are the different types of ADHD?
Your Guide to Understanding Child Anxiety
A certain amount of anxiety is a normal part of a child’s healthy development. If anxiety doesn't subside with time, but instead escalates or begins to interfere with a child's daily activities then there may be more cause for concern. Learn more about signs and symptoms of anxiety in children.
Adam Levine Talks About Having ADHD
He's the front man of Grammy Award-winning band Maroon 5, but he's also an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD).
Don't Miss an ADHD Scholarship Opportunity!
A list of what's available for students with Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. (Tip: Widen your search to scholarships for the learning disabled.)
How Do Stimulants Help ADHD?
Stimulants are the most common type of medicine used to treat ADHD. The stimulants seem to work by increasing the availability of certain chemicals in the brain, thus making the pathways in the brain work more effectively. Learn more about how stimulants work.
What Are the Symptoms of ADD
A Diagnosis of ADHD requires that an individual meet the criteria requirements listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Learn more about the symptoms of and diagnostic criteria for ADD ADHD.
Your Guide to Understanding Anger in ADHD...
Why do some children with ADHD often react with intense anger? Read on to understand more about anger and ADHD.
How ADHD and Laziness Are Linked
Unfortunately, adults and children with ADHD are often labeled as unmotivated, lazy, or even apathetic. These negative labels are unfair and hurtful. Read on to understand more about motivation impairments that can be associated with ADHD.
Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS) Screener
Adult ADHD is a very common, yet too often unrecognized condition. Many adults have been living with impairing symptoms of ADHD, but don’t recognize it as ADHD. Learn more about the Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS) Screener
Are You Aware of These ADHD Symptoms in Girls?
We are only just beginning to understand more about ADHD in girls. What are some of the signs and symptoms of ADHD in girls?
18 Simple School Strategies for Students with...
Strategies for students with ADHD that parents and teachers can use to improve success in school and academic performance.
How Do I Get My Son To Stop Talking Too Much...
A parent asks for advice on what to do when her child with ADHD won't stop talking and saying inappropriate things.
9 Reasons Why Writing May Be Tough for Your...
Writing is often difficult for students with ADHD. Here are 9 reasons why.
8 Treatments That Help ADHD
There is no cure for ADD ADHD, however, there are many treatment approaches that may alleviate or significantly decrease symptoms.
The 6 Classes of ADD You Should Know
Explanation of Dr. Daniel Amen's six types of ADD.
4 Conditions That Can Produce ADHD-Like Symptoms
Certain conditions can produce “ADHD-like” symptoms -- that's why a thorough evaluation is so important when diagnosing a child with ADHD.
Overcoming Chronic Procrastination
If you are an adult with ADHD who struggles with chronic procrastination, these strategies are for you.
ADHD and Math Skills
Learn about ways attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) impairments can affect math skills.
Tics and ADHD
Tics and ADHD often occur together. How can parents recognize tics in the ADHD child? What are important issues to consider with tics and ADHD?
Learn How ADHD Is Diagnosed
Learn about the process involved in diagnosing ADHD.
How to Improve Social Skills in Children with...
Learn how to improve social skills in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.
How to Reduce Defiant Behavior From Your Child...
Family life can feel discouraging and exhausting when you have a child who often displays challenging oppositional defiant behaviors. Learn steps you can take to help reduce your child's oppositional behaviors and improve your parent child relationship.
What to Expect at Your Child's ADHD Evaluation
What is included in an ADHD evaluation? How should you prepare?
Anger Management Tips
ADHD and anger management. Learn tips for managing your child's anger.
What Actually Causes ADHD?
What causes ADHD or attention deficit disorder? Read on to learn more about some of the causes of ADHD.
How to Study When You Have ADD
Finding the best way to study and absorb information is an individualized process, particularly if you have ADHD, but here are some tips that may help.
How to Tell ADD and Bipolar Disorder Apart
Symptoms of ADD and bipolar disorder may look very similar. What are some ways to differentiate between ADD, or ADHD, and bipolar disorder?
Treatment for Women With ADHD
Treatment for women with ADHD is often made more complex by the normal hormonal changes women experience. It is important for you and your doctor to understand the effects these hormonal fluctuations can have on your ADHD symptoms.
Top 5 Recommended Specialists for ADD
What types of professionals provide treatment for ADD? Read on to learn more about ADD and treatment providers.
5 Tips for a Happy Relationship with Your ADHD...
After you have successfully navigated the dating phase, you and your ADHD date become a couple. Here are 5 tips to help you have a happy relationship with your ADHD partner.
Don't Miss These Symptoms of Adult ADHD
Learn more about some of the problems and symptoms commonly associated with adult ADHD
Your Guide to Non Stimulant ADHD Medication
Most of the time, ADHD is treated with stimulants. There are other options, though. Learn about non stimulant medication used to treat ADHD.
Feeling Hyper-Sensitive? It May Be a Result of...
It is not unusual for individuals with ADHD to feel both emotionally hyper sensitive, and also physically hyper sensitive to touch, sounds, light, even the tags on clothing.
My Child Never Stops Moving -- Could It Be ADHD?
A readers asks, “How do you tell the difference between an energetic child and ADHD?”
"I Have ADHD. What Medication Might My Doctor...
Learn about the various medications used to treat ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults, including FDA-approved stimulants and non-stimulants.
ADHD and Diet
ADHD and diet - good nutrition can play a complementary role in a child’s treatment.
10 Accommodations That Will Help Your ADHD...
Learn about helpful math accommodations and strategies for students with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Is ADD the Same Thing as ADHD?
ADD, ADHD, AD/HD? Understanding the Different Names Used to Describe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Adults Vs. Kids: How Do ADD Symptoms Differ?
Learn more about the different ways hyperactive symptoms of ADHD can present in children vs adults with ADD / ADHD.
Running Late? Here Are Top Strategies for...
Time management is often an issue for adults with ADD or ADHD. What are some tips for improving time management and getting to places on time?
Homework Help for Students With ADHD
Homework, homework...does anyone really like homework? For a child with ADHD just getting the assignment written down and the correct books in the book bag to go home can be a monumental task.
Summer Camps and Programs Perfect for Children...
Listing of ADHD summer camps. Summer camps for children with ADHD.
What Causes ADHD?
ADHD is primarily an inherited disorder. Learn more about inherited cause of ADD ADHD.
How to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety
Helping children with ADHD overcome anxiety and fear with these parenting tips.
Is Your Preschooler Just Energetic, Or Could It...
What's the difference between a preschooler with lots of energy and a preschooler with ADHD?
8 Tips for Improving Your Relationships by...
Many adults with ADD ADHD have strained relationships because of verbally impulsive reactions (saying things without thinking). Here are 8 tips for addressing the problem and improving your relationships with others.
Help! My Partner has been diagnosed with ADHD
If you are struggling with your partner's ADHD diagnosis, here are the answers to 3 common questions.
Improving Reading Comprehension in Students...
Learn strategies to help students with ADHD improve reading comprehension and recall.
Anxiety in Adults with ADHD
Learn about anxiety in adults with ADHD.
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Learn about the symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
Could I Have Developed ADHD in Adulthood?
Can ADD / ADHD develop in adulthood?
Top Strategies to Improve Your Writing Skills
Learn simple strategies to improve writing skills for students with ADHD.
What is Adult ADD?
What is adult ADD. Learn more about adult ADD.
Is School Tough for Your ADHD Kid? Find...
Understanding ADHD and implementing simple strategies can help a child with ADHD be more successful in school.
Can Talk Therapy Help with ADHD? One Expert...
Learn more about the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of adult ADHD in this interview with Dr. J. Russell Ramsay.
8 Common Myths About ADHD Explained
There are many myths and misconceptions about ADD ADHD. Debunking the myths about ADHD.
Hyperfocus: A Surprising Part of ADD
What is hyperfocus? Many people with ADD or ADHD have the ability to hyperfocus. Learn more about hyperfocus and ADD.
Are You an Adult with ADHD Raising a Child with...
When parents of kids with ADHD have untreated ADHD themselves, family life can be very challenging.
Job Rights and Accommodations
What kinds of protections do ADD or ADHD workers have? How can an ADHD employee request a job accommodation? What can be done when accommodations are not provided? Dr. Suzanne Gosden Kitchen provides some answers.
What are the Best Jobs for Adult ADHD?
What are the best jobs for ADHD adults?
How Do I Know If My Child Has ADHD?
Learn about some of the types of behaviors that often alert parents to the possible presence of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
A Personal Story of How One Adult Gained...
A personal story of adult ADHD. Understanding adult ADHD.
3 Tips for Parenting a Child With ADHD
Three Things You Need to Know to Improve Your Child's Behavior
10 Things Not to Say to Someone With ADHD
There are so many misunderstandings about ADHD. Here are 10 Things Not to Say to Someone With ADHD
What Are Executive Functions?
Executive functions and ADD - ADHD. What are executive functions? How do executive functions relate to ADD - ADHD?
What's It Like to Be a Teen with ADD/ADHD?
Understanding your teen with ADD. What is it like for a teen with ADD?
Take These First Steps as You Adjust to Your...
If you were just diagnosed with adult ADHD, you're ready to take important steps toward a new, better life.
Could Stimulants Help Your Or Your Child to...
Learn more about stimulants used in the treatment of ADHD.
Sex Drive and ADHD in Adults
Social interactions including sexual relationships can be impacted by ADHD. Learn more about sex and ADHD.
Learn About the Different Types of ADHD
Understanding the different symptoms and types of ADHD. ADHD symptoms include more than just symptoms of hyperactivity. Learn more about the different types of ADHD.
Why didn't I know my child has ADHD?
When a child is diagnosed with ADHD, parents wonder why they didn't notice ADHD symptoms before. Here are 5 reasons.
11 Tips to Help People with ADHD Remember What...
For many people with ADHD reading and remembering can be a real challenge. Luckily, there are some strategies that you can try when reading and remembering seems nearly impossible.
ADHD Symptoms in Children
ADD or ADHD? Understanding the different types of ADHD symptoms in children.
How to Help Children with ADHD Understand the...
Learn more about the disconnect between behavior and consequences for children with ADHD, and how you can best help them make this connection.
Understanding Procrastination in Adults With ADHD
Learn more about why many adults with ADD / ADHD have difficulty with procrastination.
4 Ways That ADD/ADHD Can Undermine Your...
All relationships present challenges at some point in time. ADD and ADHD can certainly have a unique impact within relationships. Kate Kelly, ADHD expert and author, identifies the four major areas of difficulty in adult ADHD relationships.
Do You Know These Famous People With ADHD?
Many famous people who have ADHD have gone public to help raise awareness on the condition. This is a list of celebrities with ADHD.
Could You Have Adult ADHD?
Learn about some of the possible signs of Adult ADHD
6 Things You Need to Know If Your Child Has...
6 Things You Need to Know If Your Child Has Just Been Diagnosed With ADHD
Tips for Better Sleep With ADD
Tips for getting better sleep if you have ADD.
How to Deal With Boredom When You Have ADHD
Boredom is one of the things people with ADHD fear the most and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Here are 3 tips to avoid boredom.
9 Steps for People with ADHD to Control Anger...
Tips for better anger control in ADHD relationships.
5 Strategies for Coping with Your Spouse's...
What's it like when your spouse has ADD or ADHD? Here are some tips for understanding your ADD spouse.
Marriage and Adult ADD
It can be frustrating to be the spouse of an individual with ADHD, especially when your partner appears unmotivated to change or is reluctant to get into treatment.
Can Fish Oil Improve ADHD Symptoms?
Adding fish oil to your ADD treatment approach may improve concentration, attention and focus in individuals with ADD / ADHD. Read on to learn more about fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids.
Get Your ADHD Child the Special Accommodations...
Learn more about special education services and accommodations for children with ADHD.
Explore These Recommended Books for Children...
Listing of books for children with ADHD.
Tips and Resources for Choosing a College When...
Choosing a college can be tricky when you have ADHD. Here are tips and resources to make the process easier!
College Students With ADHD
If you are a college student with ADHD these tips provided by Sarah Wright and the Edge Foundation are for you.
Classroom Strategies for Students With ADHD
Learn 18 simple strategies to use in the classroom to help students with ADHD.
Adults with ADHD Can Build Long Term Relationsh...
Learn strategies for improving romantic relationships when you have ADHD.
Inattention and ADD ADHD
Symptoms of ADD ADHD may include difficulties with inattention. Read on to learn more about the inattentive symptoms of ADD.
Finding the Right Dating Partner When You Have...
Dating and ADD. Dating and relationships can be tricky for adults with ADD. Learn more about dating and ADD.
Tips for Parenting Children With ADHD
Advice and tips for parents of children with ADHD.
15 Tips for Managing ADD/ADHD in the Workplace
ADD can certainly affect your daily work life. Luckily, there are some simple tips to improve your job environment if you have ADD.
Does Puberty Affect ADHD in Girls?
Learn about the ways puberty can affect ADHD symptoms in girls.
Exercise and ADHD Symptoms
Exercise can be helpful for improving ADHD symptoms. How does exercise affect ADHD and the brain? John J. Ratey, MD, provides some answers.
Relationship Advice When Your Partner Has ADD
Read more about relationship advice when your partner has ADD.
11 Ways to Help Your Child with ADHD and Slow...
Students with ADHD may be very bright, but slow processing speed can get in the way of schoolwork. Here are 11 tips to help you help your child.
Do Kids with ADHD Become Adults with ADHD?
Can children outgrow ADHD? Find out more about ADHD through the lifespan.
Child Discipline and ADHD
Parenting a child with ADHD is tough. Here are some simple strategies for helping your child improve behavior.
How to Talk About ADHD to Your Child
How to talk to your child about his or her ADHD diagnosis. Words to use to explain ADHD to your child.
Top Tips for Parenting ADHD Children
Learn tips for parenting a child with ADD - ADHD. Help improve your child's ADHD behavior with these tips.
Why Is Structure Important for Kids With ADHD?
Learn why structure and a structured environment is so important for kids with ADHD
6 ADHD friendly Tips to Eat Less Sugar.
ADHD symptoms seem to work against eating a healthy diet! Here are 6 tips to reduce sugar in your diet when you are living with ADHD.
Learn About Working Memory and ADD
Alternative treatments such as improving working memory may help reduce ADD symptoms. Read on to learn more about working memory and ADHD.
10 Tips for Helping Your ADHD Child to Stay...
Organization is tough when you're a student with ADHD. Here are ten tips for getting and staying organized at school.
3 Steps to Set Up a Reward System to Improve...
Behavior management is an important treatment approach for ADHD children. Read on to learn more about behavior management.
College and ADHD
Transitioning to college life and academics can be hard for ADHD students. Learn about accommodations for ADHD students in college.
Help! I Need Strategies for Parenting my ADHD...
Explore strategies, tips, and resources for understanding and parenting your ADD/ADHD teen.
How to Practice Positive Thinking With ADHD
Practice positive thinking. Many adults with ADHD get stuck in negative self talk. It is so important to consciously practice positive thinking.
Learn to Identify and Manage ADHD in Yourself...
Might you or your partner have ADD or ADHD? Learn to identify and manage the symptoms to ensure a strong and lasting relationship.
The Feingold Diet for ADHD?
Is the Feingold Diet and Effective Treatment for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Learn more about the link between diet and ADHD.
Is Your Marriage Impacted by ADHD?
Learn more about the ADHD effect in marriage and relationships. Interview with Melissa Orlov.
How Do I Help My Child to Understand His ADHD...
Many parents wonder what to tell their child about ADHD after diagnosis. Read more about talking about and explaining ADHD to your child.
Punishment and Oppositional Behavior
Most parents will automatically respond to oppositional behaviors by using punishment to stop it, but this isn’t always the most effective approach. One problem is that punishment alone never teaches new behavior. It teaches what not to do, but it doesn’t teach a child what to do.
Is ADHD Really Just an Excuse for Behaving Badly?
Understanding and becoming educated about ADHD is helpful in understanding how ADHD impacts daily functioning. ADHD is a real disorder.
How to Feel Good about Yourself When You Have...
'I just don't feel good about myself' is something that many adults with ADHD say. Here are seven tips to like who you are and feel great about yourself!
Driving With ADD - Driving Safety With ADD
Safety issues when driving with ADD. What are the risks for teens driving with ADD.
Strategies for Improving Intimate Relationships
Do you have ADD or ADHD? Does your partner? ADHD can certainly present unique challenges in a relationship. Kate Kelly, ADHD expert and author, provides tips for both the ADHD individual and the non-ADHD partner.
Learn What It's Like to Live with ADHD as a...
What is it like living with ADD/ ADHD on a daily basis? Here are snapshots of the disorder through the lifespan.
When Is Medication the Right Choice for...
Your ADHD child is having a tough time in school. Is medication the right choice to help her to succeed?
ADHD Predominantly Inattentive Type
Definition of the Predominantly Inattentive Type of ADHD. Learn more about this type of ADHD.
8 Tips for Giving Instructions Your ADHD Child...
Do you feel like your ADHD child never hears your instructions? Here are tips to change all that!
Tips for Reducing Common Side Effects of Your...
Reducing side effects of ADHD medication. There are some simple strategies parents can try to help in reducing side effects of ADHD medication.
Book Review. Natural Relief for Adult ADHD
Book Review of 'Natural Relief for Adult ADHD' author Stephanie Sarkis looks at complementary ways to treat and manage your ADHD
The Importance of ADHD Awareness
Interview With Dr. Ruth Hughes on the importance of ADHD awareness and understanding.
Can Coffee Actually Improve ADD?
Is drinking coffee, tea, or other substances that contain caffeine a safe and effective strategy for the management of ADHD symptoms in children?
Dopamine - What is Dopamine
What is Dopamine? Definition of dopamine.
Just Diagnosed – Coping With Your...
Tips for coping and coming to terms with your child's ADHD diagnosis.
ADHD and Impulsive Symptoms
What are some examples of impulsive behaviors? Read on to learn more about the impulsive symptoms of ADHD.
8 Things to Do Before Starting ADD Medications
What are some of the tips parents should know before starting ADHD medication? What to ask the doctor before starting ADHD medication?
How to Improve ADD Symptoms in Adults
Many adults with ADD or attention deficit disorder have difficulty maintaining focus. Read on to learn tips for adults with ADD to improve focus and attention.
Improving Your Child’s Behavior With...
Positive attention – we hear these words together a lot, but what does positive attention really mean and why is it so important for children with ADHD? Read on to learn more.
When Do You Test for ADHD?
When do you test or get your child assessed for ADHD. Learn more about the first steps to take in testing for ADHD.
"My Child has ADHD and Doesn't Understand What...
Learn about reading comprehension challenges for children with ADHD, including reading problems due to inattention and working memory deficits.

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