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Readers Respond: Love Someone with ADHD?

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Updated July 26, 2011

Are you the spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend of someone with ADHD? ADHD can often bring strain into a relationship. Sometimes it may also leave a person feeling isolated and alone. It can help to have a place to share worries and concerns about the challenges living with and loving someone with ADHD can bring. Feel free to dump some of your worries by posting here. In addition to dumping worries, please also be sure to share at least one thing you love about your partner!

Where to turn?

My husband has recently been diagnosed at 40. But it has become his excuse for infidelity, constant lying, overspending ie £90 on drugs in one night - I am tired - where does it end?
—Guest Tired Nicky

Fun, but spends too much money

I love that my husband is so energetic and adventurous, but it worries me that he is so carefree about our finances. I feel like a nag when I have to tell him again and again that we have to be more careful about spending.
—Guest barbhinson

ADHD Attention-getting techniques

My boyfriend has ADD without the hyperactivity however his attention is constantly somewhere else. He is obsessively fixated on his cell phone - every time it rings or makes the smallest sound he has to check it. If he is focusing on one thing, it takes me 2 times repeating what I said or just calling his name to regain his attention. He sits for long periods of time fixed on one thing and it is starting to put a strain on our relationship. I feel like I don't know what to do in order to regain his attention in an easier and more natural way other than repeating his name loudly.
—Guest John

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