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Updated July 16, 2011

Thankful for Vyvance's moderate effect.

I'm happy with the way I am. It's the normal people who have difficulty understanding and accepting me, in turn making life hell. It sneaks up on me when I drift away to my zone obliviously until BANG, something goes awry and I'm suddenly aware of my actions and whatever it is I was doing/not-doing or saying/didn’t say inadvertently always giving people the wrong impression often sending me back to the start of any goal I try to achieve. This happens everywhere and all the time: at work, after work, bank, running simple errands and even (to a lesser degree) out with friends or alone in public. Basically, whenever routine sets in or during tedious or unstimulating tasks. I can control it to some extent while on new terrain i.e.: a new job. Inevitably my true colors will emerge and dysphoria is never far behind. You guys know we're the normal ones right, it's THEY who have 'BAD' - Boringness Abundancy Disorder. Perhaps treatable with the same medication we take…Think about it!
—Guest Jer

For family

I am most thankful to God for the family I have--a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters.
—Guest ntcf

Thankful to have a support system

I am Thankful for the patience my friends and family show me. I used to wish I could be different, be "Just like her/him." I am thankful that my wish never came true, for if it did, I would not be the smart, strong & talented woman that I am today. I am thankful that I have ADHD, having ADHD has taught me patience, understanding and a way of communicating with others like I never dreamed I could. Today is the day we should all give thanks, I will follow suit......however, I thank God everyday for making me the special individual I am who knows that there is NO goal I cannot reach.....with your support.
—Guest Leeah Coccia


I am grateful for ADD, as it has contributed to my patience not only with preschool children, but toward people in general.
—Guest kim perfect

New Adventure

Found out what's been wrong with me all my life. A year ago had an illuminating conversation with a mother of 12 year old son with ADHD. She was describing me as a young boy and so found this site (thanks!). As a child, I was taken to see child psychologist. "Maladjusted". Still not really sure what this means! School was chaotic. Expelled multiple times! Overheard saying that I wanted to die. Sent to special school (at age 7) many miles away. Missed 5 years of education. Never caught up. Didn't make a friend till 13 years old when re-entered school system. More chaos and remedial learning and being bullied... Leaving school with no real accomplishments apart from a 6 mile sponsored swim. I couldn't hold on to a job for 5 mins. Homeless a lot. Estranged from mother (she was and is very poorly - mental health, which made me worse). Suffering from depression/anxiety. On long term incapacity benefit. It's great to have an answer at last and hope to make more sense of this. Thanks to you all.
—Guest victor discoverer

For My Life

I am thankful for my life. Thankful that I have one and just try to live it the best that I can.
—Guest aronwells

Are You Kidding Me?

I am NOT thankful for ADD nor any other conditions I have. I just want to be normal like my friends and family. I'm in the process of moving and keep bouncing around, now I'm having panic attacks and wondering how the heck am I gonna get through all of this? (no, I have no one to help me)...
—Guest musicrow


My thanksgiving was not very impressive from the outside looking in. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and teachers are at the top of the list. I read an interview with a prominent knee replacement surgeon and he stated that by far the best patients were engineers because they have learned to recognize and follow the advice of experts without too much questioning. Here is my list of gifted teachers that I will rely on in these difficult times ahead. Keath and Ned Hallowell for ADHD insight and treatment, Dr. Weil and his student Dr. Pendergrast for health, Deepak Chopra for spirituality, Steve Ross for yoga, Robert Prechter for my finances. I am still looking for a patient guitar teacher! There may be others, but my goal for now is to continue to simplify my life.

Thankful For

Six years ago I received the ultimate gift - l a kidney. And with that came life. After four years on a dialysis machine - my aim to see my children and grandchildren grow. At the beginning I was too busy raising three sons to die. My grandchildren arrived and life was once again too busy to die. Fortunately for me a young woman had an aneurism so I received her kidney. She was called Frieda and I often think why should she die and me survive? At the same time we lost our 18 year old son Marc in an RTA. And suddenly the kidney was not so important. Strange how life shifts. I eventually came to terms with what had happened and realized I had to be thankful for my life and to be thankful for what I had, not what I didn't have. I am now back on track watching my sons marry and grandchildren grow - what a journey. How lucky I have been.
—Guest pam davies

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