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Updated July 16, 2011

From the article: ADD and Self Care
Whenever life feels topsy turvy - as it often can if you or a loved one has ADHD - take some time to think about all the things that make you feel happy and appreciative. Jot down a list and include both the small things like chocolate kisses and the big things like the people who love you. What are some of things for which you are grateful? Please share.

Being diagnosed

After wondering all my life why I am different and what was wrong with me, I am thankful for finally being diagnosed and understanding that I have ADD. It is still hard some days, but it is getting better.
—Guest dan


I am thankful for gum. It helps me focus and keep my mouth shut.
—Guest gumchewer

Finding Ways to Invest in Myself.

After feeling different for so many years and not feeling accepted the way I was, I figured out it had to be ADD. And just knowing this and learning about it every day and coping with it 'my way' has given me so much peace. I am also so thankful for knowing that there are so many others out there who know how it feels - one big chaos, constant 'traffic jams' in your head, and feeling like such a dumb person. If you have no friends or partner who understands you, you are just so happy to find a website like this that gives you info and tools to get better at it every day that comes. I have learned so much in the last couple of years. It feels to me that I can finally start living my life. Maybe not with the people I wanted, but it's better to find a way to love and accept yourself than to keep on searching for someone who would 'fit' you. My life has just begun and I love every minute of it. It's sometimes lonely, but it was hell before.
—Guest Briggel


Thank you for reminding me that I am wonderful instead of feeling bad about myself all the time. I am a 46 year old Hospice Nurse and can't seem to stay married because I wear people out. I exhaust those I love to the point the love disappears and it often feels like a very lonely world.
—Guest Karen Bradshaw

Thanks For

Just having learned meditation, mindfulness, people that understand me, sites like this one, and to simply be alive, my photography, and my cats my sweetie Edgar.
—Guest valerie jc

My Child's Teacher

My husband and I are forever thankful to our child's teacher who has worked with us beyond the call of duty this year. I think we got very lucky when our son entered her first grade class this year. We had never known much about ADHD until he was diagnosed at the beginning of the school year. She helped us from the beginning and has made the classroom a very positive place where his is excelling. Medication, which I worried about at first and still worry about, has helped as well. When he first started on the medication the teacher even talked to the doctor several times early on. Her dedication and knowledge has been a true gift. I know we are lucky.
—Guest guest

I'm Thankful for ADD

It seems slightly odd to be thankful for the very thing that has caused me the most problems during my life-time. But it is a "hate love relationship." Last year (with the help of my therapist, I realized all of the good things that ADD has bestowed upon me; understanding other individuals to an extreme degree, I am never bored, knowing what love means, procuring a witty remark now and again, enjoying almost all aspects of life, and the list goes on... Some of you might be thinking, well there are downsides too! And I would agree to the fullest extent. It is good to understand what they are, but do not linger on them. Try to emphasize the positives, for they truly outweigh the negatives of ADD. THAT is why I am thankful for ADD.
—Guest Scotty B.

The Fun of Trying Again and Again

I suspect the fun will never go away. And I am thankful for a therapist who is helping me to increase in optimism. And I am thankful for the comments that many of you have added here before me.

I Am Thankful For ...

My relationship with God especially during the difficult times.
—Guest mrlittle

For Being Me!

I am thankful for just being me, complete with ADHD.
—Guest Glenda

thankful for

I am thankful for the the therapist that worked with me and made it possible to keep the job i have now for over ten years. Oh baby that's huge.
—Guest jan

My Son

I am extremely thankful for my son... exactly as he is ADHD and all. He is the light of my life and even though a lot of things are a struggle for us as a family, i wouldn't wish it different for a second!
—Guest rr

Focus and Success

Like so many have already said, I am grateful for being diagnosed with ADHD. I am grateful for the opportunities having ADHD opened me up to, how it led to my successful business and a career I love where I help others! And I'm grateful for sports--especially martial arts and running which really help me be focused.
—Guest Shanna

Thankful for the discovery

..of ADD. I was pacing around in frustration today and remembered a commercial about ADD treatment and began an online search. I am reading accounts of my actions!! I'm not a stupid, insensitive, alcoholic a**hole (a few of the names bestowed upon me over the years). I'm thankful for this site and others like it and that I can have virtual support system and begin living with this condition rather than hiding away from social outings and drowning myself in booze.
—Guest Dieter

I am thankful for...

a great and long-suffering family, a job that gives the flexibility that AD/HD needs, little grandkids who love the fact I have the same attention span as they do, 3 daughters who went into social work and are all LCSW therapists, and a home that is a "Diagnostic Free" zone. And chocolate, too.

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