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Readers Respond: New Year's Resolutions and Goals

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Updated January 06, 2012

A new year means new beginnings. Please share your New Year’s resolutions and specifically resolutions that are related in any way to ADHD. Your resolutions may help to inspire others!

It may be that you are a parent of a child with ADHD and want to implement new strategies to help your child. Or perhaps you want to make more time for self-care so you feel less exhausted. Maybe you are a spouse/partner of an adult with ADHD and you have relationship goals for the new year. Or it may be that you have ADHD yourself and there are specific resolutions you have chosen to help make coping with ADHD a little easier.

New Year's Resolutions

Some of my resolutions are to learn more about ADHD so that I can understand it better and be able to relate to my 5 year old son. It has been difficult and I feel that my husband and I have lost our cool from time to time with our son. We feel awful about it and we know deep down that our son cannot control some of the things he does. We want to be more understanding and sensitive to our son's condition. We don’t want our son’s ADHD to become a crutch or burden on him and his future.
—Guest Amy

New Year's Resolution

I find myself using unhealthy self-talk like "I am so stupid" or "why can't I ever find anything!!" My resolution is to talk to myself with kinder words. Hopefully, speaking to myself more positively will help my teenage daughter with ADHD speak to herself more kindly also!!!
—Guest rhonda

Contentment and realization

I'm just shooting for being content with what I have and for how far I've come in coping with ADD. Also I want to be able to realize that I'm alright the way I am as long as I am continually trying to improve myself for those who love me. Two years into my diagnosis and I'm still disorganized, I'm still misplacing everything, and I'm still forgetting to put appointments in a place where I will remember them. But I know that each day is new and that I will have better days than others.
—Guest Jay

New Year's Resolutions

I don't make New Year's Resolutions because I forget them before a week of the new year has gone.
—Guest Glenda

Future Resolution

As a person who has ADHD, I realize that the most important resolution is to avoid blaming myself about my ADHD. It is something we are born with and we have to accept this and to try to find ways to help our self in facing our difficulties. I think we have to take strength from our weakness. Also we have to respect our self and to try to stand behind our self because we as a human being deserve to have a chance for a better future after a long time of suffering.
—Guest oscar_83


I think I have to agree with Oscar, that is about what I was going to say. The best resolution or vow to myself I ever made was acceptance. Give up the pity parties and the blame games and be responsible for myself now. Accepting life instead of always being disappointed in it is the key to life enjoyment. Humility and not worrying about what others think. We each are who we are everyone has their own strengths and weakness and even if someone doesn’t treat you with the respect you deserve does not mean we have the right to do it back to them. I try to treat others as I want to be treated which means listening, accepting/understanding them also.

One Day at a Time

I want to be able to work on a daily "to-do list" and do the tasks on them every day without putting things off. I also want to categorize my wardrobe so that I can find my clothes without having to go through the mountain of clothes in there.
—Guest mz_koens

Yoga for Calming and Listening More

My two goals for the new year are to step up my Yoga practice from 3-4 days/wk to a daily routine and when I meet new people this year to listen more and talk less. These two practices have helped me in the past but I haven't put enough emphasis on them to get the maximum benefit for myself and others. I am hoping Yoga will help with the listening because it results in a calm focus that may not compare with nonADD folks, but it raises my level of self awareness and I can do it myself without more therapy or meds.

Laurie Siegel

Hi Keath, I am still searching for last year's resolution list. Happy New Year!.......Laurie
—Guest Laurie Siegel

New Year's Resoloution

Trying to lose 15 pounds that I gained over Christmas and trying to get a boyfriend!
—Guest Coastland14

Let's get phyical!

My new year resolution is like most people to get more exercise. As an ADDer I know resolutions have to be specific so my goal is to train for the round the bay race which is 30km.
—Guest Andy


I want to exercise more regularly. It really helps me with my ADHD. I feel better and can concentrate better when I do. I just have a hard time being consistent with it.
—Guest guest

On the road to solutions

A new year means new beginnings. I hope to finally face my suspicions/fears of having ADD and find solutions to cope with my fears. I also hope to stop the negative voice in my head and realize that I'm not alone. And that I'm a good person. Happy New Year!
—Guest Julie


MY GOAL Is to find my winter pants and tops that I finally packed/stored last august 2011 so that I will not have to wear 2 summer cotton shirts to stay warm any more (also, my boxes of coats/sweaters would surly be a welcomed find). My next goal is to get an eye exam/lasik surgery because the Dollar Market reading glasses are starting to take over my house (in bits and pieces). My most important goal is to just maintain balance.
—Guest Pam Dennis

take time to breathe

Twice a day, find a quiet spot and take many deep, slow breathes.
—Guest jerry

New Year Resolutions

As a health coach, I've long since realized the futility of making resolutions (they are no more than a traditional joke now). Wolverhampton University last year polled nearly 800 people and found by the 18th of January 81% had already broken their resolutions! It's much more powerful to create solutions to issues. Reframing the word this way makes goals more specific, measurable, achievable and time orientated. They can easily be reviewed and evaluate making us more accountable to them, consequently, they are much more likely to be honored. So it's all about solutions for me and my clients because they bring about the best results :) Dawn

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