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One Boy's Struggle: A Memoir - Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD

By March 5, 2008

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Readers have been so responsive to Elna’s Poem. Many have expressed a tremendous connection to her story. That got me to thinking about another reader, Bryan Hutchinson, who had emailed me about his book. Bryan and I have exchanged several emails since his initial contact. He is delightful and fun. He shared memories of visiting his grandparents, who lived in my home state, and recalled the smell of pine trees and the excitement of the ice cream truck’s arrival to his grandparents’ neighborhood.

Bryan’s book is called One Boy's Struggle: A Memoir - Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD. It is a raw portrait of his struggles with undiagnosed ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. Bryan initially experienced some anxiety about sharing such personal aspects of his life. He has been amazed by the outpouring of kindness and support he has received. Many have related to his story.

Clearly the type of support one receives has a tremendous impact on an individual’s educational, employment and personal success. Once Bryan was finally diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood, his life took an amazing turn for the better. His story reiterates the importance of increased awareness and education about the impact ADD/ADHD can have in our lives.

What types of supports have you received? In what areas have you found support to be lacking? If you were not diagnosed until adulthood, what lead you to getting an evaluation and treatment? Please share in the comments section below. It is helpful for others to hear. You may inspire others to seek treatment.

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