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ADD / ADHD June 2008 Archive


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Help Make Cleanup Time Easier for Your Child

Monday June 30, 2008
Getting our children to clean up after themselves and keep track of their things -- these are two tedious tasks of parenthood. For a parent with an ADHD child, this ... Read More

Keep Those Commitments...and Improve Relationships

Sunday June 29, 2008
Do you ever make commitments, yet fail to follow through? Perhaps you promised to do something that you really didnít want to do -- maybe a tedious task, something you ... Read More

Justin Timberlake Reveals He Has Both ADD and OCD

Friday June 27, 2008
Justin Timberlake has not only brought SexyBack, he has also revealed that he has both ADD and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). In an interview with Collider.com the 27-year-old singer/actor is ... Read More

Summer Meds and Your Child

Monday June 23, 2008
What does summer mean for your child's ADD/ADHD medication schedule? Take the Readers' Poll.

Does Summer Vacation Equal Medication Vacation for ADHD Kids?

Saturday June 21, 2008
For many children with ADHD, medication can make a big difference in school performance. A childís ability to maintain focus, complete assignments and control their restlessness, hyperactivity or impulsiveness is ... Read More

How Can I Help My ADD Daughter?

Tuesday June 17, 2008
ďI have a 13-year-old daughter with ADD, and she is homeschooled. She often refuses to do what she is told, is very impulsive, lies, has taken things from family members, ... Read More

St. Johnís Wort: Not Effective for the Treatment of ADHD

Tuesday June 17, 2008
A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that St. John's wort is no more effective than a placebo for treating children with ADHD. St. Johnís ... Read More

Parenting with ADD

Tuesday June 17, 2008
Being a parent is tough; being a parent with ADD raises the toughness factor! It can be overwhelming to manage and organize the family when you are having a hard ... Read More

Is it ADHD or is it Bipolar Disorder?

Monday June 9, 2008
There are some similarities and overlap in the symptoms of ADHD and bipolar disorder. Both may include hyperactive or restless behaviors, distractibility, poor concentration, impulsivity and racing thoughts. Both are ... Read More

Get Your Vote in on the Readers' Poll

Friday June 6, 2008
What are your thoughts about recent research that indicates ADHD can lead to decreased productivity at work? Click on ADHD and Work Productivity to read the article. Please take the ... Read More

ADHD and Work Productivity

Friday June 6, 2008
Research finds that adults with ADHD miss, on average, 22 days a year in workplace productivity due to chronic problems with concentration, distraction, organization, forgetfulness and impulsiveness as compared ... Read More

To Medicate or Not: What's The Decision Making Process?

Monday June 2, 2008
ďMy very well-adjusted 15-year-old has mild ADD. She is very bright and takes all honors classes. Recently, however, she is starting to have more trouble focusing and using the coping ... Read More

ADHD and Stimulant Medications

Sunday June 1, 2008
Stimulants are the most researched and studied of any of the groups of medicines used to treat behavioral and emotional problems in children. They are proven to be safe and ... Read More

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