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Want to find out more information about Adult ADD and ADHD? Here is the place. Find tips for success in the work place, strategies for happy relationships, and gain a better overall understanding of Adult ADD/ADHD.

ADHD and College Study - ADHD and College Study Strategies
ADHD can make studying for college classes quite a challenge. You may find that you are putting a lot of time and preparation into studying with little to show for all your effort. Finding individualized strategies that work for you is helpful.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Work - Telling About Attention Deficit…
Learn about how other adults with attention deficit disorder handle ADD at work. Do they tell about their ADD or not?

20 Tips on Marriage
Marriage can be difficult, especially in this busy, overscheduled world we live in. Having ADHD present in the relationship can make the challenges even more pronounced. Learn 20 basic tips to improve your marital relationship.

ADHD and Money Management
ADHD symptoms can make it very difficult for a person to pay bills on time, organize finances, plan and budget money, control impulsive spending, and save for the future. Struggles around money management can cause a person to feel incompetent, guilty and totally stuck!

Work Tips and ADHD - Work and ADHD
Readers share challenges at work, as well as tips for improving work performance when you have adult ADHD.

What Accommodations Can Help Me Manage My ADHD at Work?
Learn about work accommodations and modifications to help improve job performance for adults with ADHD.

Adult ADHD - Personal Stories of Adult ADHD
Hearing from others with adult ADHD and knowing you are not alone in your struggles can provide a great source of hope and strength. Life with adult ADHD can begin to feel better with proper diagnosis and treatment.

How Can We Decrease or Stop Marijuana Use in a Loved One with ADHD?
Response to question about marijuana use in individuals with ADHD.

Saying Things Without Thinking - How to Stop Saying Things Wi…
Verbally impulsive responses – saying things or blurting out words without thinking through how they may be perceived – is a common symptom of ADHD. Unfortunately, this can create feelings of embarrassment and regret. Learn tips for dealing with impulsive responses.

Telling About ADD at Work?
Should you tell about your ADD / ADHD at work?

ADHD and Boredom - How to Deal With ADHD and Boredom
How do you handle boredom on the job? Advice from About.com readers.

Maybe I'm Just Not Motivated
A forum member asks a question about work ethic and ADD.

Steps to Problem Solving for Adults With ADHD
Tips for solving problems in a step by step way.

ADD Networking - Share Your ADD Networking Sites
Network with other ADD adults. Find connections by networking with other ADD / ADHD adults.

Relationship Advice When Your Partner Has ADD
Read more about relationship advice when your partner has ADD.

Improving Anger Control in Your Relationships
Improving anger control in ADD relationships. Tips for better anger control.

Keep Promises When You Have ADD
Symptoms of adult ADD can make it difficult to keep promises and follow through with commitments. Here are some tips for keeping those promises when you have ADD.

Good Listening Skills and ADD
Maintaining positive relationships can be difficult for adults with ADD. Tips for improving listening skills and focus when you have adult ADD.

Improve Relationships - Verbal Interactions
Many adults with ADD ADHD have strained relationships because of verbally impulsive reactions - saying things without thinking. Tips for adults with ADD ADHD for improving relationships.

Dating and Adult ADHD
Learn strategies for improving relationships when you have ADHD.

Can ADD Affect Sex Drive?
Social interactions including sexual relationships can be impacted by ADD ADHD. Learn more about sex and ADD ADHD.

ADD and Dating
Dating and relationships can be tricky for adults with ADD/ADHD. Learn more about dating and ADD/ADHD.

Work and ADD / ADHD
Work and adult ADD. What are some of the things you need to know about adult ADD ADHD and work issues.

Work and ADD - Make Work More Productive
ADD ADHD can create frustrations at work. Readers sent in tips for making work more productive when one has ADD ADHD.

Adult ADD and Risky Behaviors
Why do adults with ADD sometimes engage in risky behaviors? Read on to learn more about adult ADD and risky behaviors.

Criticism and Adult ADD
Emotional reactions can be difficult for an adult with ADD to control, especially when it relates to criticism. What are some tips for coping with the emotional reactions that occur when one encounters criticism?

Is Impulsive Spending Breaking Your Budget?
Impulsive spending is often a big issue for those with ADD / ADHD. Read on to learn tips for getting your ADD impulsive spending under control.

Keep Those Commitments...
Adults with ADD often have difficulty keeping their commitments and following through and completing promised tasks. Read on for tips for improving relationships by sticking to commitments.

ADHD and Career Paths
What are some good jobs and careers for those with ADD or ADHD?

The Wandering Mind
Many adults with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD have difficulty maintaining focus. Read on to learn tips for dealing with distractibility.

Getting Those Bills Paid On Time...
For those adults with ADD or ADHD, organizing finances and getting bills paid on time can be a frustrating task. Developing a simple system for getting bills paid can be a real lifesaver.

Friendships and ADHD
Maintaining friendships can be a struggle for those with ADD or ADHD, but positive relationships are important in our lives.

What Are Some Tips for Approaching Social Situations?
Sometimes social settings can be difficult for adults with ADD or ADHD. How can an ADD or ADHD individual improve social skills and relationships at work and in social settings in general? Read on to learn some tips.

De-Clutter and Get Organized
For those with ADD or ADHD, organization and getting rid of clutter can feel like an insurmountable task. Luckily, there are some simple strategies you can implement to get yourself started and keep items organized so tasks don’t become too overwhelming. Rosemary Chieppo, the Organizing Guru, provides tips that are especially helpful for those with ADD/ADHD.

Best Jobs For ADD or ADHD Individuals
What are the best jobs for individuals with ADD or ADHD?

Tips for Getting Places on Time
Time management is often an issue, especially for adults with ADD or ADHD. What are some tips for getting to places on time? Stop running late with these simple solutions from ADHD coach, Kay Grossman.

Should I tell people at work that I have ADHD?
Should you inform your employer and other people at work that you have ADD or ADHD?

Job Rights and Accommodations
What kinds of protections do ADD or ADHD workers have? How can an ADHD employee request a job accommodation? What can be done when accommodations are not provided? Dr. Suzanne Gosden Kitchen provides some answers.

Tips for Organizing the ADHD Household
What are tips for making the ADHD household more organized, so an individual with ADD or ADHD can function most effectively from day to day? What organization strategies help relieve some of the responsibility off of the non-ADHD spouse? Dr. David Goodman provides some advice.

Help! My Partner Doesn’t Seem Motivated to Change
It can be frustrating to be the spouse of an individual with ADHD, especially when your partner appears unmotivated to change or is reluctant to get into treatment.

Strategies for Improving Intimate Relationships
Do you have ADD or ADHD? Does your partner? ADHD can certainly present unique challenges in a relationship. Kate Kelly, ADHD expert and author, provides tips for both the ADHD individual and the non-ADHD partner.

ADHD and Relationships
All relationships present challenges at some point in time. ADD and ADHD can certainly have a unique impact within relationships. Kate Kelly, ADHD expert and author, identifies the four major areas of difficulty in adult ADHD relationships.

Gaining a Sense of Control Over One’s Life
After being diagnosed with ADHD at age 50 and receiving treatment for the last 10 years, Larry’s life has taken a tremendous turn for the better.

Practical Strategies at Home for Moms with ADHD
"Sometimes I get so overwhelmed at home! What are some practical strategies moms with ADD/ADHD can use at home?" Read on to learn more.

Moms with ADD/ADHD
The phone is ringing. Two of your kids are arguing and yelling. The dog is scratching at the door to go out. Your toddler is at your feet crying and wanting to be picked up. Your husband is still at work. A pot of water is boiling on the stove ready for spaghetti noodles. Dinner is late. You are exasperated, tired, overwhelmed. Being a mother can be tough!

Adult ADD/ADHD and Work
Imagine having trouble remembering information, managing your time, organizing and prioritizing, screening out distractions, and just getting started. These are some of the problems adults with ADHD often have. Luckily, there are many strategies and tips to help find success in the workplace.

Women and ADHD
Many females with ADHD remain undiagnosed until adulthood. Some are overlooked altogether and never diagnosed. Why?

Strategies for Women with ADHD
Read about helpful strategies for women with ADHD.

The ADA Amendments Act of 2008
Learn more about the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 and discrimination protections for individuals with ADHD.

Diagnosed with ADult ADHD - Feelings About Being Diagnosed with Adult ADHD
Readers share their feelings about being diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood.

ADHD and Its Effect in Marriage
Learn more about the ADHD effect in marriage and relationships. Interview with Melissa Orlov.

Adult ADD and Work - Adult ADD and Work Problems
Readers share about how their symptoms of ADD interfere with work.

Living with Adult ADHD
Readers share their stressors and worries about living with adult ADHD.

Adult ADD and Relationships
Readers share challenges about loving someone with ADHD.

Diagnosed with Adult ADHD
10 Basic Tips for Reducing Stress and Managing Symptoms of Adult ADHD

ADHD and Chronic Procrastination
Learn more about why many adults with ADD / ADHD have difficulty with procrastination.

Overcoming Chronic Procrastination
If you are an adult with ADHD who struggles with chronic procrastination, these strategies are for you.

How to Reduce Holiday Stress
Tips for adults with ADHD on how to reduce holiday stress.

Confessions of an ADDiva
Confessions of an ADDiva: Midlife in the Non-Linear Lane

Driving With Adult ADHD

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