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Pay Bills on Time

How to Get Bills Paid On Time with Adult ADD


Updated December 02, 2009

Pay Bills on Time

Does anyone really enjoy paying bills? Besides the fact that it reduces your bank account, paying bills is just plain tedious. For those with adult ADD / ADHD, it may be an especially frustrating task. Developing a simple system for getting bills paid on time can be a real lifesaver.

“There are some really important tasks (like paying bills and managing your finances) that tend to be very difficult for many people with ADHD,” explains Carrie Greene, founder of CarrieThru ADHD Coaching & Organizing Services. “Some of the reasons for the difficulty lie in the very nature of the task.” Many of these tasks are time sensitive, detail oriented, require a lot of decision making, are boring, need constant and consistent commitment, can quickly and easily become overwhelming -- and rely on the executive functioning traits that frequently challenge many people with ADHD.

Luckily, simple strategies can help keep you organized with bill paying. Greene provides the following tips to help get your bills paid and paper filed.

Getting Organized

  1. Go through your mail daily and throw away all of the junk immediately.

  2. Sit down to pay your bills regularly (weekly if possible). By paying your bills regularly, things won’t pile up, there will be fewer surprises and it will take a lot less time.

  3. When paying your bills, handle each bill completely. That means, write the check, put the check in an envelope with a stamp, file any necessary information and get the payment into the mail. Do not leave the filing or mailing for another day as this is how things build up.

  4. Keep your bill paying and filing system simple as possible.

  5. When creating a filing system, use as few categories as possible. For instance, you may be able to keep ALL of your credit cards bills together; you probably don’t need separate files for each account. This will help you keep track of where to put things as you file and help you find things if you need them later on.

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