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Parent To Parent Program

Parent Education and Training on ADHD


Updated March 04, 2009

Parent To Parent Program

The Parent to Parent program is designed for - and taught by - parents of children with ADHD.

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If you have a child who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, one recommendation you may hear from your treatment provider likely includes parent education and training. Many people consider ADHD mainly a school issue, but this is an inaccurate assumption. ADHD impacts all areas of life and can profoundly impact family life. When you are parenting a child with ADHD, you are parenting a child who requires more patience, greater supervision, increased structure, and more creative limit setting and discipline. Add to the mix a sibling or two and a parent can quickly become overwhelmed and exhausted. Support and education about ADHD is essential.

Where Does a Parent Go for Support?

The organization Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) has a wonderful parent training program called Parent To Parent (also known as P2P). What is unique and bonding about P2P is that it is an educational and support program specifically designed for parents, by parents. The classes, which span a seven-week period, are taught by certified P2P teachers who are parents of children with ADHD themselves. As a result, bonding takes place between the teachers and other parents. The teachers can relate to all the frustrations, uncertainties, exhaustion and isolation that can often come along with being a parent of an ADHD child. They also understand the questions and practical information about ADHD that parents need. The content of the classes is based upon the latest scientific research available, and is updated regularly. Parents in the classes get both the state of the art information as well as the perspective of other parents who have lived with ADHD in their own families.

P2P classes are held throughout the nation and are also available online. The material presented provides practical tools and techniques that parents can use daily to help support their child, better manage the ADHD symptoms, and improve overall family life. Participants also receive a Parent to Parent Workbook with additional information and tools. With these skills, parents feel empowered and are able to approach the ADHD with greater knowledge and understanding. The support they receive from the teacher and the shared experience with other parents in the class is truly valuable and can be life changing.

The format of the training includes a series of seven 2-hour classes. Topics include

  1. Overview of ADD/ADHD
  2. Assessment to Multimodal Treatment
  3. Developing Parenting Strategies and Positive Behavioral Interventions
  4. Strengthening Family Relationships
  5. Educational Rights for Your Child
  6. Bridging the Gap Between Home and School
  7. Resiliency, Teen Challenges and Future Success

To learn more about the P2P program or to sign up for classes click on Parent to Parent.

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