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When Do You Test for ADHD?


Updated May 02, 2009

Question: When Do You Test for ADHD?
When should parents have their child evaluated for ADHD?

When Do You Test for ADHD

Listen to your gut feeling. If deep down you know that there is a problem that is impairing your child’s daily life and you think it may be ADHD, set up an appointment for an evaluation. So often parents are talked out of taking those steps by well-intentioned family and friends who make statements such as “oh he’s just being a boy…or…don’t worry he’ll grow out of it…or…she’s acting just like you did when you were younger.”

Parents often feel an initial sense of relief when they hear that their child’s behavior is normal or that their child will grow out of it. If you know, however, that things just aren’t right -- if your child is unhappy, if issues are affecting your family, if things are really much more difficult for your child -– act on it rather than letting others minimize the problem. Things can be so much better for your child, for you, and for your family. Early intervention and proper ADHD treatment can significantly turn around outcomes. Know that life can be so much better.

The same is true of adults with ADHD. If you feel that it is much more difficult for you to get through your days than it is for other parents, if it is nearly impossible to get projects done, the house cleaned, to remember appointments, to be on time to pick up the kids, to get yourself organized -– set up an appointment with a healthcare professional experienced in diagnosing and treating adult ADHD. Symptoms of ADHD create chronic problems for an untreated individual. Life feels pervasively overwhelming and stressful. Listen to that little voice inside of you and take the first step toward improving life by setting up a screening for ADHD.

Read more about healthcare professionals who screen and provide treatment for ADHD.

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