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Review of the Book 'Attention Difference Disorder'

Author: Kenny Handelman, MD


Updated February 15, 2012

Review of the Book 'Attention Difference Disorder'

If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), one of the many important things you can do as a parent is educate yourself, your child, and your family about ADHD. With knowledge comes understanding and with understanding comes effective interventions to address the ADHD challenges your child is facing -- ultimately leading to increased success and greater happiness for your child and family.

Learning about ADHD, how it impacts your child and family, and how to best manage symptoms is often an ongoing process. Unfortunately, parents also may have to wade through the misinformation, misperceptions, and conflicting messages that can be associated with ADHD to get accurate information and make the most informed choices.

There are lots of ways for parents to educate themselves about ADHD. One of these ways is through books with evidence-based information about ADHD. There are many great books available and you may already have quite a few! If you don't have a copy, however, one book I recommend you add to your collection is Attention Difference Disorder by Kenny Handelman, M.D.

Attention Difference Disorder

Attention Difference Disorder is a wonderfully well-written guidebook for parents of children with ADHD. Within this guidebook are extensive, straightforward parenting and teaching strategies that can be incorporated into daily life. The author, Dr. Kenny Handelman, is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and expert in ADHD. He is very active in the ADHD community, writes a popular blog called ADD ADHD Blog, and is interviewed frequently about ADHD. If you have ever heard him speak you will recognize the same friendly, down-to-earth tone in the chapters of Attention Difference Disorder.

A Strength-Based Approach to Treating ADHD

Dr. Handelman takes a strength-based approach to understanding and treating ADHD. One of his goals is to help people think differently about ADHD. While he recognizes that ADHD is a real medical condition that can have serious long-term consequences without the right treatment, he emphasizes the need to focus on the differences within ADHD rather than deficits.

Sometimes we can find ourselves so engrossed in the problems that we miss out on cultivating and building on a child's individual abilities and strengths. With the right treatment and supports in place, however, and by having accurate information to combat the stigma often felt by those dealing with ADHD, parents are much better equipped to help their child develop innate strengths and passions.

Attention Difference Disorder guides parents through the process of first becoming a student of ADHD, then elevating to an expert in ADHD, and finally becoming an advocate for children with ADHD. It outlines 7 steps to helping children and teens succeed with ADHD.

Dr. Handelman's 7 Steps to Succeeding With ADHD

1. Education about ADHD
2. Ensuring a proper assessment and diagnosis of ADHD
3. Parenting strategies for ADHD
4. School and academic strategies for ADHD
5. Medication treatment for ADHD
6. Alternative (complementary) treatments for ADHD
7. Treatment integration

Attention Difference Disorder is a concise, easy-to-read book, yet it is also extremely thorough. It boils down the essential information, answers pressing questions that parents have about ADHD, provides detailed strategies that can be used to help children with ADHD, and guides parents in how to implement these positive approaches.

Treatment integration is an area that is often missing in other books about ADHD, but it is vital information that parents need to best understand ADHD and how to parent their child most effectively. The book provides parents with information about ways to integrate the different treatments at different times as needed, monitoring, adjusting and tweaking strategies to suit an individual child’s growth and development. This integration of treatment is a very important part of succeeding with ADHD over time.

Dr. Handelman's approach to helping children and families dealing with ADHD is proactive and positive. To learn more visit Attention Difference Disorder.com.

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