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The Strengths of ADHD


Updated July 27, 2010

The Strengths of ADHD
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Some of the most creative and innovative people are speculated of having ADHD. Among the list of those are entertainers Justin Timberlake and Robin Williams, athletes Terry Bradshaw and Pete Rose, inventors Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, physicist Albert Einstein and composer Wolfgang Mozart. So if you have ADHD, you are in great company! Different can be good. Why not turn those problems into strengths?


Many people with ADHD are extremely creative and imaginative. They are often graced with tremendous originality and expressiveness. Their fresh, inventive imagination is a powerful tool!


What about the risk taking that sometimes comes along with ADHD? Some of the most prominent people in business moved up in the business world because of their willingness to take risks.

Looking at the Big Picture:

People with ADHD are often criticized for missing details and losing focus, yet they are often magnificent at looking at the whole picture. They are often very perceptive and can look at all sides to a situation, rather than keeping a narrow, one sided view. They are drawn to abstract ideas.

Thinking Outside the Box:

Thinking outside the box is a common thread among people with ADHD. They may think differently. They are nonconformists and they can generate powerfully imaginative ideas because they do think outside the boundaries that impede others.

Comfortable with Change and Chaos:

Individuals with ADHD sometimes live with chaos and confusion! Yet with specific coping strategies they adapt well. They are often able to thrive under pressure.

Lots of Energy:

Being “on the go” can be good. People with ADHD may have lots of energy. They are gung ho and ready for action. They often have outgoing, spontaneous, passionate personalities.

Our perceptions can have a powerful affect on people. Turning these often debilitating symptoms around and seeing them in a positive light can be helpful. It provides us with more insight about how we may best teach to these strengths, how we can value and embrace these differences.

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