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What does titration of medication mean?


Updated April 16, 2014

Question: What does titration of medication mean?

If you or your child are beginning a trial of stimulant medication, the doctor will likely start with an initial low dose of stimulant and carefully adjust the dose upwards to adequate levels. This process is called titration. Titration helps the body adapt to the medication and often reduces common side effects that can occur when one begins stimulants. Titration also helps you and your doctor find the optimal dose to improve daily functioning. Your doctor will increase the dose slowly to the highest tolerable dose. If you begin to see no more improvement in symptoms as the dosage increases, the doctor will lower the dose to the previous one. Also, if you find that a higher dose produces too many side effects, the dosage will be lowered. Medication management is really based on an individual’s own personal needs and responses. The optimal dose of medication is one in which daily function is significantly improved and side effects are minimized. This is why close communication with your doctor is vital. Think of your relationship as a partnership. Be open and communicative and together you will arrive at the most beneficial outcome.

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