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Readers Respond: ADHD and Sensitivities

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Updated May 12, 2010

I'm glad I'm not alone.

For years, I've had problems with my hands. When you look at them, they have far more lines than the average hand. This contributes to my hypersensitivity problem. I have a hard time touching things that have an uneven texture. It gives me chills and makes me grind my teeth. I can't use lotion either, because the feeling of the lines on one hand colliding with the lines on the other is such an awful feeling to me. Sound has also been a problem for me. Any repetitive, constant noise that has a pattern to it is very irritating. If the noise doesn't follow a pattern, it has no effect on me, but if it does, it's like my mind gets overwhelmed, because I know when the next noise will come and what it will sound like. This has been going on for years, and progressively getting worse.
—Guest 132TryAgain


I am not diagnosed but I can relate to that quite a lot, but not with noise. I react quite badly to silence, I cannot have silence, if its silent at night when I am trying to sleep I start to panic straight away, there is nothing to focus on and I feel lost. Exams are hell for that reason, it takes me at least 1/4 of the exam to calm myself down. I also don't like a lot of noise haha so I cannot win, I can't go to clubs without panicking and having to leave in 5 seconds so socially it can make life difficult.
—Guest Emma

the Radio

I can't deal with noise, the fridge, the neighbors, children and mostly the Radio, it always makes me want to vomit.
—Guest -noise


I have been diagnosed when I was 9 and I can't stand my neighbors's noise. It is unbearable, especially when I am trying to focus *trying being a key word here, on a paper or work I have to do at home. I get so angry. My trick to deal with that anger is to put on earplugs and some music of my own that I have learn how to ignore. I am also unable to support heavy lights, but I don't mind being touched, my clothes or texture.
—Guest -young woman

Eewwww noise

I am 17 and I've known of my ADHD for ten years now I cannot stand being touched and I have gotten into many fights about it with my sister who always hugs and pats and touches people. I also hate backgroungd noise i cant think and become anxious when there is a lot of it and It is frusterating. My worst noise is eating sounds though. I absolutely cannot handle the sound of people eating it drives me insane. I always yell at my dad because he will come into the kitchen while im working on homework and eat and i get sooo aggravated.
—Guest Adhder


Someone said I might have OCD when I was 28, and it took me 11 years to finish 4 year college. The only way was to stay at school and/or study group, and crazy barriers: no shower, no laundry, no dinner until ___ is done. And prayer. Tons of it. Find I can focus. Now I am 41, doing well (Sys Admin), ADHD/OCD/Depression. Found out: sleep, self-care, routine (aka minimal choices) (I leave for work same time every day, eat same lunch, wear same 5-7 shirts). I found fewer decisions (because I obsess over each one) and then when stuck, I get advice and then commit for a time. And minimal TV - seems that really overloaded me - so now evenings are study (pointing the OCD ray at programming) and reading. Took some time and now I devour books and drink coffee and stay up until 2 - seems I need that time at night to unwind. Also, white noise when I get 'prickly' - I need to unplug from humans and go relax, or build something, or plan to build something.
—Guest Guest Gregg

Sensitivity and Processing rate

I was diagnosed around 10. I'm very sensitive to touch and trying to explain it to people is overly complicated so i tell people I just don't like being touched. I also like to work with my hands or build/make things to stay busy because it distracts my mind. I often mess with electronics and listen to music to distract myself because crowds of people cause me irritation because it feels as if I can pinpoint each individual all at once. If i'm not busy with work or doing something I can end up really depressed if i'm to myself for too long. I can't stand it when I hear people say, Oh well everyone has ADHD because they don't understand the problems that comes with it.
—Guest Brett

never again, please..

I was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago and take medication for it. Once, I came home from school in a neutral/good mood and when I went up to my room to relax, I was absolutely horrified to find my room was cleaned and completely reorganized top to bottom. At first I froze in the doorway, trying my absolute best to hold myself together but as I walked around, looking for things, seeing how everything was so misplaced and everything was so overly tidy and perfect that I couldn't help it and went into a rage, whipping things across the room and yanking things from the walls down. Looking back I see it was a bit childish but at the time, it felt so good and i absolutely regret nothing. Something about barging into my personal corner of the world where I felt free of judgment and wasn't surrounded by stress and then touching it and rearranging it into something that is so NOT me at all is just disrespectful. My room is like my sanctuary, my safehaven.
—Guest lon

Some Days I Just Want to Give Up!

I've been in college for a little over 5 years now. I'll be 24 years old soon. And after all of these years I still can't manage time and it is soo difficult for me to find motivation to do things like homework. I pulled an all nighter last night and didn't even get any homework done! My class started 10 min ago at 8am. I am so behind on school work. I probably have horrible midterm grades right now. It's mostly all projects I do for homework and they take forever to do for anybody...and even longer for me because of my ADD. I always always underestimate the time it's going to take me to do something. And I always tell myself that I'm going to wake up early and finish my work. And I never do. I have a horrible time waking up in the mornings and I am often late to wherever it is I have to go. I also have temper problems like slamming and throwing things. I'm fearing it's going to ruin relationships I have with people. Only a few people know me well enough to not take it personally.
—Guest Lindsay

ADD and Sensory Processing

My son has both sensory processing and ADD. The other has sensory and Aspergers. While one boys seeks input the other prefers not be touched. Once I understood sensory processing disorder our lives changed. That diagnosis helped out more than the ADD and Asperger diagnoses.
—Guest Autumn

ADHD and sensitivities

I have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was 9, I am 19 now, I get angry when I hear certain noises like kissing noises and eating noises. I actually screamed at my brother once really loud and for at least a minute straight because he was chewing a poptart and it drove me crazy!! I can control the anger outwardly but in my head I am going crazy sometimes even after the sound stops. I just thought I was crazy for the longest time but maybe it has something to do with my ADHD.
—Guest michelle


I am also late for appointments because I calculate time wrong. I answer before someone is finish asking me questions especially if they talk slow, due to impatience. I am restless and bored often and don’t find motivation in normal work. In hobbies I can get hyperactive opposite of regular work. I have low self-esteem and sensitive to strong personalities and people who come across too strong or direct. It’s hard to like school work or reading. I need visual stimuli like tv or pictures. Games that require mental work seem like school work. I am creative w colors, building things, play guitar and sing and invent new things and ideas. Practical but terrible doing paperwork, must repeat it again and again to do it right and it takes a long time. I love physical stimuli like massage, it calms me and lets me sleep at night. I don’t like social talking for hours, have only few friends because it’s hard to relate to people on a regular basis, need to feel free to contact people only when I feel I am able to.
—Guest Toby


I got the diagnoses of ADHD yesterday. I feel sensitive in my hands, can’t touch paper or dry wood. I always use metal knife and fork, though metal sounds cut through the bones. I cannot stand small sounds of people eating with open mouth, chewing gum, loud clock ticking on the wall and general small repetitive sounds. Don’t feel tired in the evening, stay up late nights before I get tired enough to sleep, I am clumsy, drop things, and have a hard time catching a ball thrown to me, especially if its small. Get irritated when I am disturbed in a middle of doing something or reading something. I can’t do many things at the same time. I forget things all the time, keys, wallet, appointments, names and I am very unorganized. React to high pitch sounds noises and strong light. Scraping sounds chalk etc. I have very low concentration and can’t follow long conversations, if more than one person converses with me at the same time, I sometimes don’t hear more than one person talking to me due to low concentration.
—Guest Toby

My childhood sensitives

Seams in my socks, dad tying my shoes too tight, tags, straps on sandals.
—Guest Angell

My problems

A get upset over little things easily like if I can't do something or someone tells me no....sometimes I even get mad or cry. I don't like certain sounds sometimes....people chewing...screeching...that annoys me. I am a very sensitive person in the first place but I think my adhd makes it a bit worse. I do things without thinking it over and I make people upset/mad/annoyed with me, and half of time I never know what I did. I don't mean to do it, it just happens. And I also shake uncontrollably...don’t know what that's about but I’ll get excited or happy for no reason (or sometimes it's for a reason) and I’ll start shaking my whole body. My head shakes back and forth. It's a bit weird maybe scary if think of it as like I'm having a seizure but I'm fine after. I know I'm doing it but I can't stop it. U would literally have to hold me down or something to stop me. It's crazy.
—Guest A Girl

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ADHD and Sensitivities

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